Always Moving

2017 was a year of persevering and strengthening our never-give-up grit. We led the pack, disrupted the status quo, and turned things upside down. Why? Because it’s who we are. Our DNA powers us. It’s how we’re able to keep ahead of the game no matter what comes our way.


Explore, celebrate, and reflect on the milestones, moments, and memories from 2017 that led us to where we are now. Let’s look back on how far we’ve come in our journey of continuous improvement.

Wow! 2018 is already off to an exciting start.

We achieved the coveted triple crown — S&P 500, Fortune 500, and Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Looking Back With ED QUOTES

2017 can be described as a decent year. As we thought two years ago, things were going to be tough before returning to our historical growth profile. And that proved true. We faced some expected and unexpected headwinds. The good news is we believe the pieces are in place to realize the long-awaited slingshot in 2018.

Ed Heffernan
CEO, Alliance Data

Catching Up With Charles

It was another solid year for Alliance Data as revenue increased 8 percent to $7.72 billion and core EPS increased 14 percent to $19.35. Our focus for 2018 will be restoring growth in the businesses and returning balance across the country. All businesses must deliver on their goals this year.

Highlights for 2017:

  • Revenue of $7.72 billion – $7.8 billion adjusted for (~$80) million of hurricane impact
  • Core EPS of $18.33 – excluding the net tax benefit – exceeding guidance of $18.10
  • AIR MILES® achieved profitability targets
  • Epsilon’s Technology Platform offering returned to growth
  • Card Services’ delinquency wedge effectively closed when adjusted for hurricane impacts
  • Cash dividend increased 10% to $0.57 starting in first quarter of 2018
  • Positive impact of tax reform, net of initiatives – $1.02 in 2017

Charles Horn
CFO, Alliance Data


2017 2016 Change
Revenue $7.7 Billion $7.1 Billion +8%
Adjusted EBITDA, net $1.9 Billion $1.9 Billion +3%
Core Earnings $19.35 $16.92 +14%

Cheers To Us!

It feels good to be recognized, doesn’t it? Thanks to YOU, Alliance Data won awards last year that we’re all proud of.


And We Won The Triple Crown!

Because of the great work we did in 2017, we won the triple crown in early 2018. Now that’s something to celebrate!


There Was A Lot Going On Around The Mothership!

See what last year looked like for each of our businesses.

Living Our DNA

Our DNA is what keeps us moving, growing, and innovating year after year.
This year was no different. We continue to press forward no matter what comes our way. We don’t stop when the going gets tough. We push boundaries and exceed the norm to deliver on our promises. It’s who we are, and what we’ll continue to strive for.


We know it’s better together — in everything from serving the community to celebrating each other. Simply put, we like to have fun, and it shows. Explore some of our most memorable moments.

Business Highlights

Changing the game is in our DNA. And we do that in a lot of different ways. All of our businesses have groundbreaking work to show off. Take a look at projects, events, and campaigns from last year.

Looking Forward With ED QUOTES

Looking ahead, I am bullish about 2018. The slingshot is still very much in place. We knew we would have some hurdles to manage in the first quarter due to the noise created by hurricanes and wildfires last year. Returning to growth is imperative.

I am so proud of how far we’ve come over the last 20 years. We now have over 21,000 associates across the world delivering data-driven marketing and loyalty solutions to the largest and best-known brands. It’s with your drive and commitment that we have reached these heights. Thanks for making this happen!

CEO, Alliance Data