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  1. Manufacturers benefit greatly, saving money now and for years to come as a direct result of our tax reviews.

  2. Governmental Entities have additional funds to spend and a better educated staff as a result of our reviews!

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  3. Banks, Data Centers, Large Retailers and Other Industries increase their income and reduce expenses as a result of our reviews!

  4. Non-profits and Hospital Systems have saved millions as a result of our reviews!

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Find the money you did not know was missing!  ...  It costs you nothing ... we do all the work! ...

It's a true "win-win" situation!

A Sampling of Our Past Customers

We support our customers on an ongoing basis at no additional charge!


Batesburg-Leesville, SC

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Bessemer City, NC

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Blue Circle Cement

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Carolinas Healthcare System


Commercial Metals Company


Cornelius, NC

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FaithBridge Methodist Church Blowing Rock, NC
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First Presbyterian Church Morganton,NC
(951) 380-6607

Giant Portland Cement

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Holnam Cement


Mecklenburg County, NC

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Mint Hill, NC

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North Myrtle Beach, SC

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Pineville, NC

(760) 689-8546

Rock Hill, SC

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Rumple Memorial Presbyterian Church Blowing Rock, NC

Seneca, SC

side-beam engine

Wake County NC

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Core Benefits You Receive From of Our Reviews!

  • Peace of mind in knowing your system is procedurally correct!
  • Additional revenue - at no out-of-pocket costs!
  • Expenses and waste will be reduced!
  • A more efficient and confident staff!
  • CPE hours for staff with professional designations - At no cost!
  • Assistance whenever you need it! - Just give us a call!

What our Clients Say!

Working with you was a great experience!

image01 Jackie Huffman, CPA | Finance Director - Town of Cornelius, NC

What our Clients Say!

I would be happy to provide a glowing reference for you now and in the future!

image01 James Inman | City Manager - Bessemer City, NC

What our Clients Say!

We used Sales and Use Tax Consulting, LLC over two years ago to help recover some sales tax refunds from our building program, and we were 100% satisfied! The customer service and support are second-to-none.


What our Clients Say!

We have worked with George over a number of years and have found his depth of knowledge in the area of sales and use tax to rival anyone in the State. He has helped us to take advantage of lesser-known exemptions proactively and has provided valuable advice on both major and minor issues that seem to arise constantly. If he doesn't immediately know the answer to a question, he has shown the ability to find it quickly and accurately.

image01 Drew Cooper, CPA | Financial Compliance Manager - City of Rock Hill, SC

What our Clients Say!

George Linder with Sales and Use Tax Consulting, LLC has proven to be a great resource for navigating the complexities of the South Carolina Sales and Use Tax Statutes.

image01 Mike Seago | Credit Manager - Shealy Electrical Wholesalers, Inc.

What our Clients Say!

To say that working with George was easy would be a misstatement. It was as if he was a ghost in the night. The needs he placed on our staff to complete his review were almost nonexistent and the results were far better than I could have ever imagined. I would highly recommend his services to any local governmental unit in North Carolina.

image01 Brian L. Welch | Town Manager - Town of Mint Hill, NC

Our Team

Our team has been working together for more than 10 years, assisting others with ways of saving money and reducing their expenses. Unlike national firms, we do not call upon everyone. We carefully research potential clients who could benefit most from our time.  For more on our backgrounds, click:

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We improve our clients.  We do not create future customers.   We create good references.

We normally are compensated on a contingent fee basis, being paid once our clients receive benefit from our services. Our negotiable rates are the lowest in our industry.   We never bill for future expected savings.

For more information just call 1-803-767-0887 or click the button below for additional options!


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8 great reasons to use our services!

The values and characteristics of our company make us the right choice:

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Your business will improve and profits will increase!

  • Your business or entity will have more money for projects and purchases!
  • Future expenses will be reduced!
  • Your staff will be better educated!
  • You will have someone to call on should you need additional assistance!
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Our staff is highly experienced! There is no job too big or too small for us to work with!

  • Over thirty-six (36) years auditing experience!
  • All types of businesses have been reviewed; multinational to individuals!
  • Department of Revenue experience preparing briefs and writing laws!
  • Extensive data conversion and computer experience!
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Our thorough reviews don't just hit the high points or take a quick look for low hanging fruit. We look at evertyhing, leaving no stone unturned.

  • Maximizes your refund claims!
  • Finds duplicate payments and other areas of profit recovery!
  • Finds areas of exposure most firms don't consider looking for so you can take needed action!
  • Provides a solid foundation to create controls and procedures!
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We enjoy making others profitable and aware of how their activities can be improved! We are committed to making a positive difference for our clients!

  • We work hard to please our clients!
  • We don't back down from challenges!
  • We help everyone with questions; whether they are a client or not!
  • We look for new ways to help businesses and connect those that can mutually benefit each other!
Effienent use of time and resources!

We use our computers to analyze your data and quickly learn where adjustments and recoveries can be made. Our vast experience gives us a unique insight into finding what we are looking for and how to document our findings.

  • We use your time and ours efficiently!
  • We are familiar with all data types and have the abilty to work with whatever is available!
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We are particularly respectful of other's time and don't believe in wasting your time or ours. We realize your normal work must continue while we are on-site. We need no assistance other than an initial introduction to your facilitiy, the location of your records and a place to work. We use the best available information when conducting our reviews; normally data exported from your accounts payable system. We handle all logistics, correspondence with vendors and taxing authorities.

  • We are there when you want us or need us!
  • We don't waste your time!
sharing information

We believe in sharing our knowledge, skills and information so others can learn and benefit from our experiences!

  • Training of your staff is a part our committment to you!
  • Free "CPE" hours for professional staff!
  • Better informed employees will save your operations money!
  • Training is available to all who want want to better themselves. Call us anytime!
our creativty can save you money!

Our staff is not only knowledgable and experienced, but creative! We can help you create plans and new ways of saving time and money!

  • We are resourceful and will find ways to help streamline your processes and overcome obstacles!
  • We have a fresh prespective and can see issues from an objective view!
  • We can blend old and new ways of doing things in a way to best suit your needs!
  • We can suggest ways to save time and cut expenses!

Notable Quotes: