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Pro Merchant Alliance is the merchant processing service solution for your business.  We are not just a processor, we are a partner in your business.  If you are just starting out, or ready to find out how to save money on your processing fees you have come to the right place – Because Your Money Matters.
Serving a variety of merchants and their processing needs, we have a depth of knowledge in Property Management Systems, Retail Systems, and mobile/eCommerce, and standalone Point of Sale terminals. 
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Case Studies

Because Money Matters, we put our money on the line to show you how we do it. 



Our merchant processing service standard and promise is simple.  To provide you fast and resolute service, that’s our guarantee.  We won't stop until you are satisfied.



We offer you the ultimate digital protections in security along with one of the best protection plans in the industry to provide you peace of mind. 



Running your business is your livelihood.  Making sure it's risk free using our secure, EMV compliant, NFC compatiable terminals.


As a hotel owner / operator, you have many things to manage daily. One of those items is daily cash flow. Our platform provides you the ability to reduce that stress knowing that more of your hard earned money is reaching the bottom line. Since our founders come from the hospitality industry we truly understand what it takes and how we can help you save on your merchant processing fees, while providing you the same high level of service your guests expect of you.


As with any service oriented business, you have to ensure that your customres are satisfied with their shopping experience that consists of availability of product at a competitive price. As you compete in the market pricing becomes an inherent part of your business as many retailers rely not only on margin but also volume of sales. This is where Pro Merchant Alliance can assist and ensure you maintain your profitabilty goals with reduced credit card processing fees.


Pro Merchant Alliance is the merchant processing solution for your business.  We are not just a processor we are your partner.  If you are just starting out or ready to save money on your processing fees you have come to the right place

Petroleum / C-Store

As any Petroleum/ Convenice store operator knows, managing margin is probably critically important in generating a healthy profit. And with low average ticket sales and high transaction costs, merchant processing is a key expense line to be managed closely with no disruption to operations and or your customers experience.