What We Do

The Sanctuary

Full featured Recording Studio stocked with lots of guitars, amps, pedals, microphones, and other gear.

Zugzwang Records

A multimedia production company and independent record label. We create art and get it out there.

RV Ampwerks

Custom built speaker cabinets, tube amplifiers, and cables.


IT consulting for small-medium businesses – focus on scalable custom built servers, network storage, and OS X in the enterprise.

Sanctuary Sessions

Live Sessions from the Sanctuary studio.

About Us

Started in 2014, Zugzwang Group is a collection of ideas that all have one central mission: Create Something.

It is hard to be an artist, work a day job, and maintain the motivation to do what you do.

Our mission is to inspire people to create, and simplify the headaches along the way.

Zugzwang Team

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Hart Williams

Hart likes daydreaming, audio gear, and discussing ways to get off of the planet.
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Ryan Vaniman

Vaniman likes dank memes, building things, and making women swoon.
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Mike Rhoads

Engineer / Mixing
Mike is a fantastic audio engineer. He loves off brand sodas, odd situations, and creamy tone.